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100 %
«Covering» 100% of your company's passenger transportation needs in any city in the world by a single contract
67 criteria
Material responsibility for violations of more than 67 criteria and quality obligations under the SLA
43 %
Reduction of the company's expenses for transportation services by up to 43%
60 days
Possibility to work on terms with postpaid and deferred payment up to 60 days

Albatros-BCT Company

We are convinced that the purpose and reason for the existence of our organization is to build for our customers one of the best transfer companies in the world. Every word in that sentence is very important to us. It defines exactly what we do for our clients and how we achieve it.

We understand that transportation services are only means to fulfill other greater needs of each customer. We want our customers to appreciate us for helping them get closer to their goals.

Company goals

We give customers confidence and reliability, we make their lives better, help them realize their aspirations, solve their problems, providing quality and affordable transfer services.

Cash and non-cash payment
Deferred payments
24-hour customer service
Corporate services
Business account

Our team

Those who work at our company share a great goal: to create one of the best transfer companies in the world for our customers. What does that mean? We want customers to love our company and always choose our services. We want employees to think of the company as the best place to work and be proud of it!

To those whom we onboard we say that our company is a dream company. In it you can build a successful career, implement courageous projects, gain unique professional knowledge and experience, improve personal qualities.

Our team has proven more than once that we know how to make the most complex tasks come true. Just yesterday the company was associated with a small local cab organization, but today any of our clients can get almost any auto transport service in any city of the world.

Our clients

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